Camping in Madeline Island | Family

I haven't gone camping in ages. Taking the road trip up to Madeline Island was so much fun. We stopped at Tobies for pastries. We stopped for a windy picnic along the water. While driving, Shelby and I colored on paper towels and told some of the cheesiest jokes I've heard in my life (Just know that 99% of them had the word "diaper" or "crossing the street" in them).  Once we made it to Bayfield, I had no idea that we would have to take a ferry to make it to the Island - magical!

The camping trip went by fast. We swam, roasted marshmallows, slept in a tent with rain pouring down on it, hiked, ate yummy meals thanks to my Aunt B, told stories, explored the town, and snapped photos along the way. If you ask my sister what her favorite experience was, she would say meeting a bike-man who turned old bikes into motorized ones. They were semi-scary to ride, but quite creative. He was very kind to let us test-drive them. Shelby enjoyed the water and eating lots of sugar. Uncle Eric enjoyed packing all the gear into the van like a boss (just a hunch) and reminiscing about being on this island with Park Avenue kids a while back. Brenda enjoyed cooking (another hunch). Michaela enjoyed hiking (right?). And I enjoyed being somewhere new with people I love. (Is that too sappy?)