My Neighborhood in Photos | January

During the year 2016 (that's now!) I'll be capturing photos of the Powderhorn neighborhood for a community project called Powderhorn365. Each Sunday of the year, I'll share an image onto the Powderhorn365 website, and EVERY day of the year, a local photographer will capture a photo from the neighborhood and share it on the site...hence the 365. Since I can only submit one photo a week, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite images from this past month on my own website.

{Enter fancy slideshows of mostly quirky and colorful images}

I like these photos. Powderhorn is a fun place to be and most of these photos are full of life and color. For February, I'm hoping to capture more events and strangers (gasp!) 

That's me down there this month. I've been enjoying copious amounts of coffee so far. Winter is treating me well. Photo was taken by the cute 6 year old in the photos above.