Getting Dreads: After

These are various pictures of what brand new dreads look like during the first week. My hair was dreaded and permed to help keep the dreads in place. 
New dreads = new attitude 

Bathroom selfie - I know...pathetic. 

My bangs are a little wacky in this picture. I pin them back now so they're really hard to notice. I'm glad I dreaded the bangs. I think it would be challenging to take care of two different types of hair on the same head. 

I generally wear my hair in a half pony-tail these days. 

 I'm curious to see what they will look like in a month from now.

I currently DON'T like the variety of thickness in the dreads. The ends are tiny. The rest of dread is really fat. I'm not a fan of the frizz. My head itches a bit. #realtalk

I LIKE the curls, but I'll be fine when the curls go away. I like taking care of them. And when I say taking care of them,  that really means I like that I don't have to. I enjoying putting my head down and having lots of cushion. I have so much hair, it's crazy! I'm pretty sure my dreads could substitute as a helmet.