Getting Dreads: the process

Before you read this, check out this POST with before pictures.
The Breakdown: The dreading process took 5 hours to complete. My hair was sectioned off into 58 dreads. Each section of hair was backcombed quite viciously to create lots of frizz. The hair was then twisted together and rolled into a curler. 

After my hair was completely dreaded, it was perm time!

Please note: I'm not crying or hiding my face in these pictures. I'm protecting my face from the perm chemicals. The process to apply perm solution took 10 minutes. Then the perm had to set for 45 minutes. Finally, it was rinsed out.

The perm helps the dreads hold in place and form a dread-like texture. I have especially smooth, silky hair so perming the dreads was necessary to keep them together. 

Questions & Answers:

Was it painful? Nope. I didn't love watching my hair being backcombed. I kept imagining all the breakage happening, so I had a few "nails on the chalkboard" moments during that process. 
The perm stung a little, but that's normal. 

How long will the dreads last? The curls are supposed to last a few weeks. The dreads will last as long as I want. 

What if you get sick of dreads? I'll cut them off and go suuuuper short. I don't think that will happen anytime soon though. It's supposed to be very painful and/or impossible to undo them, so when the time comes I'll chop them off. My goal is to keep them through college. As of right now, it's day 5 of dreads and I LOVE them. 

Can you wash your hair? Not really. And get this, I can't wash my hair at all for the first MONTH. I think I said that before, but I'm still in shock about it. 

How will you take care of them? I'll write a later post on this because I'm still learning :) But there will be lots of twisting involved. 

Where did you get them done and how did you find the place? I had my dreads done at a place near Uptown, Minneapolis called the Hair Police. My mom actually found it using Google. 

Cost? $300 to $350

Any other questions? Let me know!

Can't wait to share the AFTER pictures!