Having Fun at the Minneapolis Midtown Global Market

Minneapolis is a great city to live in. Even though it's cold half of the year, there are large places other than the Mall of America to visit that will keep you and even kids happy. 

I'm a live-in nanny, and I happen to live one block away from the Midtown Global Market. The market is indoors and open every day. There are restaurants, bakeries, shops, entertainment, a play area, and even a public cooking school - got to try that sometime - in the market. There's also the global touch here, so you can try food and buy goods with an international flair. The market is basically as cool as it sounds and it's along the biking greenway, so if you ever want to spend a Saturday biking around Minneapolis, the Global Market is a great and convenient landing spot. On the flipside, the market is also in the same building as the DMV, making your chances of finding joy in going to the DMV all the more attainable. 

The Salty Tart Bakery

This cafe is called Grass Roots Gourmet. I haven't tried their food, but I will. My favorite places that I HAVE tried are La Loma (Mexican food) and Salty Tart (bakery).

Does anyone else remember the Stinky Cheese Man when they were a kid? I do, and so I naturally had to snap a shot of this mural. 

The play area! A great place to let the kids go wild ;)

so sweet!

Have you been to the Global Market before? Do you have markets like it in your city?