How's the hair?

How are the dreads, that is.

I still love them! They don't smell, I promise. They hardly itch either. They are a bit frizzier than I would prefer, but it hasn't even been a month yet, so they still haven't fully locked together. Two dreads have experienced breakage because the ends are so thin and my hair gets really dry. I definitely did NOT expect that my hair would get so dry. The other day I literally lathered Aveeno body lotion on my hair - haha. I guess I'm going to have to start using some sort of hair/dread moisturizer.

I've started putting them up in a bun or ponytail. I play with my hair a lot, so when I'm at school or trying to study, it's best that I put my hair up so I can focus. Isn't that ridiculous? :) I guess dreads can be distracting.

People have all been generally positive when it comes to my dreads. At school, lots of people will shout "I like your hair!" The other day I went on the elevator with another girl and she said, "I like your dreads." Sometimes it gets boring just to say "thanks," so I said, " french fries smell good."
She really had french fries, but I think that comment deserves some ridiculous points.

Lots of people ask me how long I plan to keep them, and they are always surprised when I say years. They're even more surprised when they find out that I have to cut them off to get rid of them. So far dreads have been easier than I thought they would be and I can't imagine getting rid of them.

Do you have questions? Let me know in the comments!

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