Tight: A Dread Update

All about the hair: 

I washed my hair for the first time since they were dreaded. I felt like I had a big sponge on my head after I was done washing it. My hair just ate up all the water, and it took a while to dry them out. My hair and scalp felt really nice after washing it though. I didn't use a special shampoo to wash it -- just my Aveda shampoo that I used with normal hair (pre-dreads). I love Aveda products and I still want to use it even though it's not recommended for dreads. 

Lately, my hair has been feeling really dry. I'm experiencing lots of breakage and my dreads feel so dead. To cope with that, I recently bought moisturizing olive oil for my dreads. I was nervous to put oils in my hair, but now I'm realizing that it's a necessary thing to do. A few weeks ago, I complained about my head being really itchy. The itchiness has definitely died down, which is great. A scalp massage always feels good, but I appreciated those even with normal hair, so that's nothing new. 

I have strings tied around every dread near the roots. The string is there to help the dreads lock together at the roots - where it matters most. One of these days, I'll take close up pictures of the dreads. They're still a bit frizzy, but the roots are defined and I like that. 

My dread bangs are really wacky. I wouldn't leave the house without pulling them back with bobby pins. My bangs are also having a harder time locking together compared to the rest of my head. I don't mind the extra maintenance, but the bangs are definitely weird. They want to go back to their old free flowing days.