Peterson Family

Aren't they adorable?! I loved capturing this family because there's never EVER a dull moment with them. Each member of this fun family is full of personality and quite unique (don't be deceived by the uniformity in outfits and hair...and overall appearance). Plus, there were bunnies involved. 

These photos happened on a Sunday morning before church. I think mornings are going to be my new favorite time for family photography. The kids are clean, awake, the light is nice, and there's no "baggage" from the day. If you have a family, take note! 

This family is particularly important to me because I spent the last year of my life living with them!  They happened to own a triplex in a neighborhood I adore, so I moved in right when I returned from NYC last year. I lived right above them and nannied their boys in exchange for housing. It was a great set-up, and I'm so thankful for the experience.